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Krzyzewski to have knee replacement surgery, Duke cancels trip to Dominican Republic


Aug, 10 2017, 2:41 PM

Duke's Mike Krzyzewski will have total knee replacement surgery on his right knee this weekend. The Blue Devil men's basketball team has canceled its trip to the Dominican Republic to allow its Hall of Fame coach to appropriately recover after the procedure.

"I just want to inform our Duke fans out there about what's going on about our team and me," Krzyzewski said in a video tweeted out by the Duke men's basketball account which broke the news Thursday afternoon.

"We were planning a trip to the Dominican Republic and after three days of working with our team, I found that it wasn't sustainable for me to -- for a long period of time -- go forward with my knee."

Krzyzewski’s surgery will be performed by Michael P. Bolognesi, M.D., joint replacement orthopaedic surgeon at Duke University Medical Center. Coach K could be released from the hospital within three days of the surgery and will begin a rehabilitation program at Duke. The surgery is the fifth operation for 70-year-old Krzyzewski since the start of the 2015-2016 season.

Before coaching Team USA in the 2016 Rio Olympics, Krzyzewski had total knee replacement surgery on his left knee in April 2016, then had hernia surgery that May and surgery in June to remove a cyst on his ankle.

In January 2017, Jeff Capel served as acting head coach while Krzyzewski was away from the team following back surgery.

"I could kind of muck it out for the Dominican trip, but for the entire season, it would not be appropriate to do this," Krzyzewski said. "So, we're cancelling the trip. I'll have enough time then to be ready to go full speed the first day of practice the last day of September."

“Unequivocally, this is the absolute right thing Mike should do, and at precisely the right time,” Duke Vice President and Director of Athletics Kevin White said. “Certainly, we know Mike will receive unparalleled medical care here at Duke, and that his recovery will lead him into his 38th season here at full strength. Once again, that is exactly what Mike, and our team, should do as we head into the 2017-18 season, wherein we are extremely excited to see what the upcoming year brings.”

Krzyzewski has won a Division I men’s basketball record 1,071 games in 42 seasons as a college head coach, owning a 1,071-330 overall record and a 998-271 mark in 37 seasons at Duke. He has led Duke to five NCAA championships (1991, 1992, 2001, 2010, 2015), the second-most national titles by a coach in NCAA history.

Coach K was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 2001.

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