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ACC coaches balk at added spring visit for recruits

ACC coaches balk added spring visit for recruits

May, 17 2017, 10:20 PM

A hot topic at the ACC meetings in Florida this week is new recruiting rules that create a December signing day and add the opportunity for juniors to make an official college visit during the spring.

Dave Doeren, head football coach at North Carolina State University could see both pros and cons of an earlier commitment.

"I think for some of the recruits that want to get it done and have known for a long time where they want to go, it’s great," he said.

But it could add stress to an already-busy time for coaches.

"It’s going to make for an interesting December for coaches trying to get ready for bowl games. You could be on location somewhere else having your signing days," Doeren said.

Larry Fedora, the high-energy football coach at the University of North Carolina, said it could lead to even longer days.

"How important is it going to be to practice, get on a plane, fly to see a kid, make sure you do that, then get back at two in the morning and then prepare your practice for the next day," he said.

The coaches were more in agreement in their opposition to allowing junior prospects to make official visits in the spring.

"All of us are not real happy with the spring, early, official visits that go along with that rule," Doeren said.

Fedora thinks a spring visit is unnecessary.

"Prospective student-athletes can take official visits in April, May and June, September, October, November, December and January. I don’t think there was a lot of thought process put into what that was going to do to these spring official visits," he said.

Doeren said additional visits create an additional burden for existing student-athletes.

"Our current student athletes host those kids that come on campus. We’re asking a lot more now out of them," he said.

reporter : Jeff Gravley
photographer : Brad Simmons
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